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דופק 1


Sensory Characteristic: Like a strong pulse, an obstructed pulse radiates strength. However, unlike the flexibility and vitality radiated by a strong pulse, an obstructed pulse feels is obstructed at the end of its upward movement. To the touch, it feels like a strong motion that ends in a blow – like a blow to a rug being beaten for cleaning.   


Associated Images: A heavy door slamming, a cement wall. 


Emotional Association: Disappointment, lack of fulfillment, suffocation, parting.


In the Clinic: An obstructed pulse is characteristic of the LIV pulse position. There is a high correlation between obstructed pulses and feelings of being stuck.  

דופק 2
אצבע אנגלית.png


Sensory Characteristic: An empty pulse is a pulse that can be felt when pressing downward but that loses form in response to the pressure, as if it is dispersing. It has presence but does not feel like it has its own strength, somewhat like jelly. 


Empty pulses are rare in children and typically appear after a serious illness. In adults, an empty pulse is a condition in which the pulse has no feeling – complete emptiness.


Associated Images: A dry well, an abyss, a fall, a steep drop, fainting.  


Emotional Association: Losing one’s way, helplessness, hopelessness, a cry out for help.

In the Clinic: When an empty pulse is detected at one of the pulse positions, the initial priority should be to balance it. Use should not be made of points on the empty meridian or the meridian controlling it (ke). 

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