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Sensory Characteristic: The pulse feels soft and flexible and radiates strength. When pressed, it slides under the finger and does not lose its form.


Associated Images: Pudding, honey, pillow, tapioca pearls.


Emotional Association: Pleasantness, an embrace, a caress, melding, slipperiness. 


In the Clinic: Characteristic of the SP and not necessarily indicative of pathology.   

Care should be taken to avoid the introduction of a heating quality, as the combination of heat and dampness can lead to pathology. 

אצבע אנגלית.png



Sensory Characteristic: Restrained and obstructed movement and a very small pulse. Felt with deep pressure but not with a light touch.


Associated Images: A lentil, the head of a nail or a thumbtack, a small marble.


Emotional Association: Unease, helplessness, frustration.


In the Clinic: Characteristic of the LIV. Indicative of frustration and repressed anger. 

דופק 3

Comparing a Dry Pulse and a Fire Pulse:

Both pulses are very small and concentrated. The pulse that is characteristic of dryness is extremely static, and the pulse that is characteristic of fire is extremely active.



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