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דופק חלש


Sensory Characteristic: Feels soft and weak and lacks vitality. The pulse loses form and disperses when it is pressed downward. When we lift our fingers somewhat to find the pulse again, it takes time for it to take form again.


Associated Images: A house in ruins, descending stairs, a rag-doll, pallor. 


Emotional Association: Disenchantment, sadness, regression, surrender, humiliation. 


In the Clinic: A weak pulse can present itself at all pulse positions. Weakness at the KID position is indicative of weakness of the body as a whole and is therefore important to address and balance. Weakness of the SP is characteristic of children and does not always require immediate or direct balancing. Weakness of the LIV is not common in children. However, when it is diagnosed, it should be balanced to facilitate the strong flow of qi which the child needs to grow and develop.

אצבע אנגלית.png


Sensory Characteristic: The pulse is clear and does not change when pressed downward, but rather responds defiantly. It has a clear form and radiates from all parts and in all directions from which it is felt. 


Associated Images: A well inflated basketball, a dancer with self confidence.


Emotional Association: Vitality, health, bright presence, security.


In the Clinic: When a strong, powerful pulse is felt at one position, the practitioner may consider streaming this available qi to other positions that are suffering from weakness.

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