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Sensory Characteristic: Very similar to an obstructed pulse but broader, larger, and airier.

Felt with a light touch. The pulse itself is thrusting and is broad in shape, to the point of being difficult to feel its borders. Its airiness can be felt when pressure is applied.   


Associated Images: A well inflated air mattress, an egg, a large drum.


Emotional Association: Wonder, recoiling, distance, inaccessibility, fear.


In the Clinic: Felt clearly at the LIV pulse point during and following antibiotic treatment.

אצבע אנגלית.png

Internal Cold 


Sensory Characteristic: The feeling of something hard but flexible, such as a rubber paddle ball. The pulse is medium size.


Associated Images: A paddle ball, a hard gummi candy. 


In the Clinic: Internal cold is not always felt initially and sometimes appears only after the balancing of reactive heat. 

In children, internal cold appears almost only at the LIV pulse position.

דופק 3

Comparison between cold and internal cold: a pulse that reflects cold is wide and pushed,a pulse that reflects internal cold is stiffer and smaller.


Internal Cold



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