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Seasonal Energies – Eart

Element –  Fire

Sensory Characteristic: This pulse is soft and pervasive. Its softness is representative of Earth, and its pervasiveness is representative of Fire

Common Imbalances:

Excess in the PC - A pulse that is close to the surface at the PC position is indicative of an emotional issue relating to something or someone else. It may result from falling in love, concern for a family member, fear of a test, or an argument with a friend, and is the same regardless of whether the emotion is positive or negative. The closer the pulse is to the surface, the more significant the emotional issue to the patient.

Deficiency in the PC - A deep pulse is indicative of emotional introversion, usually due to past emotional injury, stemming from a fear of being hurt again. The deeper and less active the pulse, the greater the emotional defense in question.  

Emotional Wind (Gui) in the PC - This condition, which is similar in essence to an Emotional Wind in the HT, reflects a deep injury to emotional processing and connection to the environment. 



Seasonal Energies – Water

Element –  Fire

Sensory Characteristic: The pulse at the TH pulse position is large and pervasive, consistent with its character as a yang organ.

Common Imbalances Excess and Obstruction of the TH Conditions of inflammation or fluid in the ears are reflected in the pulse of the TH in the form of excess. This pulse is close to the surface and pulsating and has a stiff feeling reflecting the obstruction on the meridian level. 






Obstruction on the Meridian Level  

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