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:לעיון והורדה

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Parenting in the Spirit of Tao

and Chinese Medicine / Aram Tzayig
Health, Dietary, and Educational Advice


Combining the practical aspects of parenting
with the Taoist worldview
this book offers a direct and practical approach
to the use of Taoism as a
tool in the act of parenting
In addition to the educational approach it proposes in the spirit of Taoism
the book covers topics such as diet and children’s health
and surveys more than 60 illness that are typical of childhood
Diet and medical conditions
are discussed from the perspective of Chinese Medicine
which originates in Taoism
The book also addresses the question of vaccines
and proposes an individual method for approaching this complex issue
The book is written in clear and simple language
and is practical and useful
The author is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine
who has specialized in the treatment of children for the past two decades

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