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:לעיון והורדה
כלים פילוסופיים עיצוב ישן פריסה ארוכה - גודל חודש - אנגלית.jpg

Dao and Chinese Medisine

Philosophical and Clinical Tools in Chinese Medicine
/ Aram Tzayig

This unique project, which contains 150 illustrations and tables, presents the development of Chinese medicine, from the abstract concept of Dao to the number 12. 

Each number serves as a philosophical lens
through which to examine reality, and with which to pave a different therapeutic path.

The book emphasizes simplicity, clarity, and directness,
and provides an explanation for every concept it contains.

It is suitable for students and veteran therapists alike,
as well as the wider audience of those interested
in Chinese medicine and philosophy.  

The Dao creates one
one creates two
two creat
es three
three creates every being
All beings carry the Yin on their back
and embrace the Yang in their arms
and mix the qi to create harmony

(Lao Zi, Dao Te Ching, Ch. 42)


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