Chinese Medicine for Children

Phase of Wood


Phase of Wood

  • The Phase of Wood covers all aspects of the treatment of children, from how to approach children and parents, differences between children and adults, and the development of pathologies of qi in children to

    documentation and the preliminary questionnaire. Designed to serve as a text for newcomers to the field and a manual for long-time practitioners, this book contains treatments for the 64 most common ailments in children. The ailments addressed are divided, according to their Western conception, into ailments of the respiratory system, the digestive system, the skin, the ears, and the eyes, as well as emotional ailments and others. The chapter on diagnosis contains a special section devoted to pulse diagnosis, which contains helpful visual representations of the different kinds of pulses encountered in the clinic


    The Phase of Wood is based on the theory of the Five Elements and is a useful reference for practitioners from all streams of Chinese medicine. The simplicity of the theory of the Five Elements is manifested in the

    book’s approach to treatment, which places an emphasis on single needle treatment


    Aram Tzayig has been a practitioner and teacher of Chinese medicine for children for close to two decades. His previous book, Philosophical and Clinical Tools in Chinese Medicine, was published in 2011